Roccat Tusko

Getting your gear to the party safely
Author: Jyri Kuusela
Published: 14.07.2009
Manufacturer: ROCCAT
Product Group: Bags
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In the recent years gaming has become a part of the mainstream computing. So it's not surprising that peripheral manufacturers have set an eye on gamers, and started making all sorts of equipment to ease their lives. Nowadays the market is flooded by gaming mice, keyboards and such, but what really hasn't been touched yet is LAN party equipment. Gamers attend parties all around the world with their own computers, but no one has made a breakthrough in easing the job of getting your gear there.

I've seen these so called LAN bags by Cyber Snipa, Sunbeam Tech and SpeedLink before, but none of those were that practical. Today we are reviewing a contender from Roccat in this small category of LAN bags. Now the part of getting your monitor to a party in one piece should be easier than ever!

Roccat Tusko


Roccat Tusko

The packaging is pretty simple. There's only a cardboard brochure, revealing the name and the features of the Tusko, wrapped around it, so you'll be able to feel the bag before buying it. Removing the packaging was simply a matter of sliding the wrapper off.

Design and features


Roccat Tusko

The Roccat Tusko really looks like something a gamer could be carrying, while travelling to a party. The bag itself is made of black fabric and it has a few pockets made of net. It has a big Roccat logo and some sort of motivational one-liner, "Set the Rules", to make the one carrying it feel special. I have to admit that I like the design, overall the Tusko looks discreet, without losing its edge completely. It looks professional, like a gaming keyboard without flashy blue LEDs.

The bag is made of the same woven fabric that is used in most notebook bags and it should keep out dirt and liquids. To protect the monitor, the Tusko has a plate of hard plastic inside and four clips around the bag to keep the monitor in its place.


Roccat Tusko

The Tusko is equipped with a shoulder strap with some soft padding. It also has same kind of a grip that most laptop bags have. With both these options, it's easy to carry equipment from a party to another. Unfortunately with all of the weight on your shoulder, it could be more comfortable.

The bag has straps to carry your keyboard and three pockets, that are big enough for a mouse and other small stuff (a compact camera for example), so this far it seems like a useful multi-purpose satchel, but for some reason only one of the pockets is equipped with a zipper.

The size could be a little bigger though, since the maximum designed size is 19 inches and TFT's are getting bigger and bigger nowadays.

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