Samsung M2 Portable 3.0 External Hard Drive

Small and extremely fast External Hard Drive

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 20.06.2011
Updated: 21.06.2011
Manufacturer: Samsung
Product Group: Storage
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Samsung M2 Portable 3.0 External Hard Drive - Small and extremely fast External Hard Drive

Finally to test the real-life speed of the M2 we transfered some photos and large video files back and forth. The photos were about 4 MB a piece and the videos 8 GB, and again it's the large files that move faster. For a 2,5" drive the 72,7 MB/s write and 79,3 MB/s read speeds are rather impressive, and even the small file speeds of 44,5 MB/s write and 54,5 MB/s read are easily higher than USB2 can achieve.


  • Good transfer rates
  • Quiet operation
  • Matte finished housing doesn't collect fingerprints

  • Lack of bundled backup software *)
  • Award
    Gold Award!

    This was our second look at USB3.0 storage, and while these 2,5" hard drives are always slower than their 3,5" cousins, it became very clear that also these portable hard drives benefit from the new connection. The real life transfer speeds settled in between 44,5 MB/s and 79,3 MB/s, which makes moving large amounts of data a real pleasure compared to the old maximum speed of about 30 MB/s.

    The M2 Portable 3.0 also gets thanks for its housing, it's nice to see something new and nice looking when so many manufacturers just use the shiny black plastic that's notoriously bad at collecting fingerprints. Really the only downside that we could come up with was the lack of bundled back up software, many people use primarily use external drives for back-upping and for less experiences users it's always nice if the necessary software comes with the device itself.

    *) Update 21.06.2011
    After publishing the review we were kindly pointed out that Samsung does indeed offer a backup-software, but users need to download it from their site. This of course removes even the last small flaw we could point out of the M2-drive, but also adds the question of why this information is not shared with the customer on the box or the manual?

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