Sapphire HD4770

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Author: Toni 'HaoKi' Siik
Published: 08.07.2009
Manufacturer: Sapphire
Product Group: GFX Card
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Sapphire HD4770

The ATI Radeon. HD 4770 graphics processing unit (GPU) offers an unbeatable combination of HD gaming performance and price. Featuring the industry's cutting-edge 40nm process technology and the most advanced GDDR5 memory technology, this GPU delivers seamless frame rates with incredible speed and processing power. Proof that high performance gaming and price can co-exist without compromise.

Features & Benefits:

  • Leveraging the latest 40nm manufacturing process technology, the ATI Radeon. HD 4770 GPU represents an industry milestone in the advancement of gaming performance.
  • Equipped with the fastest, most advanced GDDR5 memory technology, the ATI Radeon. HD 4770 supports higher data rates which translates directly into superior performance.
  • Get right in the action and experience cinematic gaming at HD resolutions with outstanding performance in the latest DirextX10.1 games.
  • Take your game even further with ATI CrossFireX. technology and enjoy superior scalability with dual GPU support.
  • Tap into the massive parallel processing power of your ATI Radeon. HD 4770 GPU with ATI Stream technology and tackle demanding tasks like video transcoding with amazing speed.
  • Watch the latest Blu-ray movies play with incredible fidelity and have the freedom to edit videos with lightning-fast speed.

What's new with the RV740?

AMD has transitioned faster to the newer technologies than its competitors and the RV740 core is no different. The core is actually the first GPU-chip which is produced with the newer 40nm technology, which at least in theory, should lower manufacturing costs and decrease the power-consumption of the chip, while enabling better frequencies.

The card

Now that we've gotten the formalities behind us, we can move on to actually examining the product in question.


Sapphire HD4770

As we can see from this GPU-Z screenshot, this particular card runs at 750 MHz for the core and a blazing 3200 MHz for the memories. Not something we'd expect to see from a lower-end card.

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