Sapphire HD6950 Flex 2GB

Amazing performer

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 13.06.2011
Manufacturer: Sapphire
Product Group: Graphics cards
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After covering the Barts-series HD 6850- and HD 6870 cards thoroughly it's time to move up the product tree and take a look at the HD69-series Caymans. The HD 6950 and HD 6970 cards are the fastest single GPU offerings from the current lineup, and should offer plenty of oomph for even the most demanding games. The exact model of the card we received is Sapphire Radeon HD 6950 Flex Edition 2 GB, and it also packs some neat special features.


Package & Specs

AMD Radeon HD6850 AMD Radeon HD6870 AMD Radeon HD6950 AMD Radeon HD6970 Nvidia Geforce GTX 570 Ti Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 Ti
GPU Barts Barts Cayman Cayman GF110 GF114
Stream processors / Cuda cores 960 1120 1408 1536 480 384
Core speed (MHz) 775 900 800 880 732/1464 822/1644
Memory speed (MHz) 1000 1050 1250 1375 950 1002
TPD (W) 127/19 151/19 200/20 250/20 219 170


Looking at the specifications the Caymans are very closely related, and in fact many users have been able to flash their HD 6950's to HD 6970's. In HD 6950 1408 stream processors are enabled and they're running at 800 MHz. The GDDR5 memory is clocked at 1250 MHz and the maximum power consumption is rated at 200 W, and the idle at just 20 W.

Looking over to the Nvidia lineup the Caymans should compete with the GTX 560 Ti and GTX 570 cards.


Sapphire HD6950 Flex 2GB - Amazing performer

The card arrived to our review packed in a massive box with all the specifications printed around it. Inside the box the card comes very well padded to keep it safe from the bumps of the shipping.


Sapphire HD6950 Flex 2GB - Amazing performer

We haven't seen such extensive bundle in quite a while. Not only does the card come with the usual manual, driver CD and crossfire bridge, but there are also mini-DP to DP-adapter, HDMI-DVI-D adapter, two 6-pin power adapters and also a HDMI-cable.

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