Sapphire HD6950 Flex 2GB

Amazing performer

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 13.06.2011
Manufacturer: Sapphire
Product Group: Graphics cards
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HD6950 Flex


Sapphire HD6950 Flex 2GB - Amazing performer

On the flip side of there's not much to see, as all the memory chips are hidden under the cooler. One thing to notice though is that unlike the Barts-cards, the HD 6950 packs two Crossfire-connectors, so it's possible to have more than two of these cards running together.

Next to the Crossfire-connectors there's also a small switch for selecting which of the two BIOSes is in use. This switch comes particularly handy if you try to unlock the card into HD 6970.


Sapphire HD6950 Flex 2GB - Amazing performer

The cooler is held in place with eight spring-loaded screws with no warranty void-stickers. Removing the cooler reveals the Cayman core and the eight Hynix H5GQ2H24MFR-T2C memory chips. The cooler has a vapor chamber base and two heatpipes moving heat to the large aluminum heatsink.




Sapphire HD6950 Flex 2GB - Amazing performer

In size comparison with the HIS HD 6870 and HD 5870 cards and the while the difference isn't huge, HD 6950 is the longest of the bunch. Still, at 273 mm it's nowhere near the longest HD 6990-cards and should fit to most cases just fine.

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