Sapphire Ultimate HD4670

Passive cooling all the way!
Author: Toni 'HaoKi' Siik
Published: 29.01.2009
Manufacturer: Sapphire
Product Group: Display Adapters
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AMDs HD4K-series really took the graphics markets by storm last summer. While not being able to conquer the spot of the fastest graphics solution on the market, they brought amazing value. They even forced Nvidia to lower their prices drastically. After wreaking havoc in the high-performance cards, AMD brought some new products to cover the mid-range. The HD4670 is one of these mid-range contestants that bring performance at a nice low cost. Now that the HD4670 cards have been on the market for a while, we are starting to see some non-reference models of these also. The card in question today, is Sapphire's Ultimate HD4670 card which is completely passively cooled. Its going to be interesting to see how far behind its siblings this card comes.



Sapphire Ultimate HD4670

Just as with the earlier reviewed Sapphire HD4850 Toxic, the smaller sibling keeps on the same tracks when it comes to packaging. The card can be bought in a relatively small box, that has everything that a modern sales package should have. Now lets get to the more interesting part, the contents of the package.



Sapphire Ultimate HD4670

The bundle really doesn't come by as anything special as it has just about the same things that every basic Sapphire card has. The only difference is that this card doesn't include any adapters etc. The reasons for this can be seen later on when examining the card itself.

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