Silverstone DC01 Data Center

Network your data easily

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 22.02.2012
Manufacturer: Silverstonetek
Product Group: Storage
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Silverstone DC01 Data Center - Network your data easily

To test the performance of the DC01 we moved files back and forth between it and a desktop computer over a gigabit network. The "small files"-test included moving 10 GB of photos about 5 MB each, while the large file test was a single huge video file. These small home server/NAS-boxes never break any transfer speed records, but the DC01 packs reasonable data rates. The 13,5 MB/s write speed on small files IS going to be a problem if you find yourself constantly moving large chunks of data to the device, but the read-speeds are some of the best we've ever seen from a NAS-box.

We also tested playing back a Full HD-video while moving data, and it caused no problems whatsoever - the transfer continued at about the same speed and the video playback was smooth.


  • Power consumption
  • Easy setup
  • Graphical UI
  • Nice looks

  • Need of plugins for media playback
  • (Use of a 2,5" HDD)
  • Award
    Gold Award!

    Overall the Silverstone DC01 is an impressive device; it packs a LOT of features in very compatible and good looking case, uses very little electricity while doing it and even comes with a reasonable price tag. With its graphical UI it's very easy to set up and a pleasure to use, and is really geared more towards a personal server rather than a heavy duty storage server. This also shows in the selection of the hard drive, a 2,5" drive helps with the size and power usage, but will never offer as much storage space as a 3,5" drive.

    Performance-wise the DC01 is pretty much what you'd expect from such a device, it's faster than some similar devices we've reviewed, but is never going to compete with purpose-built storage servers. Anyway for media streaming the performance is easily good enough. Really the only downsides that I can think of are the plugins used for media steaming in browsers, accessing the files form your personal computer is OK, but try to view them somewhere else over the internet and you'll find always installing the plugins a major headache. Other than that it's a nice little server and can be recommended for everyone.

    At the time of writing the article, one can go and buy the DC01 at around 120 €.

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