Silverstone PS05

Stylish enclosure with a lot of potential for cooling

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 12.06.2011
Manufacturer: Silverstonetek
Product Group: Enclosures
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Over the years we've reviewed a number of Silverstone cases, but never before have we checked their Precision - or PS - range of cases. This family is aimed at the budget builders and covers a couple of different models and the case that arrived to our test is the PS05. Looking back at the cases we've reviewed earlier the PS05 competes with the likes of the CM Elite 430 Black and of course the Antec Three Hunded, so lets see how it manages against those two.


Package & Specs


Silverstone PS05 - Stylish enclosure with a lot of potential for cooling

Model No.

SST-PS05B (black)
SST-PS05B-W (black + window)



Plastic & mesh front panel and steel body


ATX, Micro ATX

 Drive Bay

 External 5.25" x 4
3.5" x 2
 Internal 3.5" x 4

 Cooling System

 Front 1 x 120mm (optional)
 Rear 1 x 120mm exhaust fan (PS05B)
1 x 120mm LED exhaust fan (PS05B-W)

 Top 2 x 120mm (optional)
 Bottom 1 x 120mm (optional)

 Expansion Slot


 Front I/O Port

USB2.0 x 2
Audio x 1
MIC x 1

 Power Supply

1 x Optional standard PS2 (ATX)



 Expansion Card


 Limitation of CPU cooler


 Net Weight

6.2 kg


190 mm(w)x 466mm(h) x 485mm(d)

The PS05 arrived to our test packed into a brown cardboard box with specifications and a couple of drawings printed on it. Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done at informing the buyer about the technical details and also protecting the product inside.

Looking at the specifications it's the usual mid-tower case with support for ATX and micro ATX motherboard, seven expansion cards and a good few hard drives and external drives. Other things to notice are that the case supports graphic cards up to 11 inches (280 mm) in length and while there's plenty of fan mounts, only the rear fan comes as standard.




Silverstone PS05 - Stylish enclosure with a lot of potential for cooling

Being an "entry-level" case the bundle is extremely limited and only features a very short manual and the necessary screws. Surely a couple of zip-ties wouldn't blow the budget and would help with the installation?

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