Silverstone PS05

Stylish enclosure with a lot of potential for cooling

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 12.06.2011
Manufacturer: Silverstonetek
Product Group: Enclosures
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Unlike seen in the assembly-pictures, the temperature tests were actually done using Sapphire HD 4890 graphics card. Other than that the testing procedure was the usual, case and CPU-cooler fans were set to run at full speed and Furmark and Intel Burntest were used for the load-tests.


Silverstone PS05 - Stylish enclosure with a lot of potential for cooling

With just a single fan on the case things did get rather toasty inside, with the HDD remaining at constant 38 C and CPU idling at 48 C. Under load the CPU hit 61 C and graphic card 86, both of which are still tolerable, but really on the high side.


  • Black interior
  • Plenty of optional cooling possibilities

  • No cable management
  • Dust filters very hard to remove
  • Just a single fan as standard
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    Bronze Award!

    Overall then the Silverstone Precision PS05 is exactly what it says in the description - a simple, inexpensive case for people who just need a basic case. It does come with features such as tool-free installation and dust-filters, but as we've seen before with some cheap cases, these don't work quite as well as on more expensive cases.

    This time it was the dust filters that caused the most problems, because when the optional fans are installed, none of the filters remains easily accessible for cleaning. Also the expansion slot quick lock, combined with a long and heavy card, didn't feel quite as sturdy as we'd hoped. Due to just a single fan the temperature results weren't too good, either. If you don't mind any of these nags then the PS05 is still a good choice, but when it comes to budget cases, I still prefer the Antec 300.

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