Silverstone PS07

Stylish case with smaller dimensions

Author: Lauri 'lauri_lr' Rahtu
Published: 19.02.2012
Manufacturer: Silverstonetek
Product Group: Enclosures
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The CPU-cooler fan was running at full speed all the time, while the GPU was using its own fan controller. In practice this meant that under load the GPU-fan was running at 2500 rpm. Case fans were operating at 950 rpm.


Silverstone PS07 - Stylish case with smaller dimensions

PS07 handled the heat load amazingly well. Even the though the idle temperatures were a bit higher than usually, the load temperatures which really matter were commendable. In fact, the load temperatures didn’t differ noticeably when compared to a lot bigger cases, like NZXT Switch 810 or CM Storm Enforcer.

Probably with a bigger thermal load the differences would become clearer, but PS07 has absolutely no difficulties with this setup.




Silverstone PS07 - Stylish case with smaller dimensions

The noise of the case is not really that bad at all, when considering that there isn’t any acoustic insulation material in the case. Two 120 mm fans at 950 rpm are tolerably silent, but one may want to add a fan controller to optimize the balance between noise and cooling performance.


  • Size
  • Cable management
  • Removable roof and motherboard tray
  • Easily removable dust filters
  • Support for long graphics cards
  • Light

  • Compatibility between HDD and CPU cooler
  • Plastic front panel
  • No 3-pin to Molex adapter
  • Award
    Silver Award!

    Overall PS07 is a great case. It looks good, the installation is made as easy as possible, the cooling performance is excellent and you can fit a real beast inside it.

    The biggest problem with the chassis is that the HDDs may not fit if the CPU cooler is too large, so one should check that the components that will be used in the rig will really fit. Also there should have been 3-pin to Molex adapter delivered because micro-ATX motherboards do not have that many 3-pin connectors on them.

    The third negative thing is that the front panel is made of plastic instead of aluminum. Temjin TJ08-E has aluminum front panel and it costs about 15 Euros more than PS07, so personally I would go for TJ08-E and have the aluminum front panel.

    The PS07 we used in this review was delivered to us by Jimm's PC-store and they sell the case for 79,90 €.

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