Silverstone Raven 3

Innovative solutions to age-old problems

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 05.06.2011
Manufacturer: Silverstonetek
Product Group: Enclosures
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Silverstone Raven 3 - Innovative solutions to age-old problems

On the front panel there are the seven 5,25" bays covered with not just any bay covers, but something that Silverstone calls "dual-purpose front panel bezels". In practice this means that each cover splits into two pieces, the front one is the usual solid piece of plastic, but removing it reveals another cover that has a dust filter. This allows a 120 mm fan to be installed here to cool the hard drives. It's a neat feature, but a single dust filter would be much easier to remove for cleaning.




Silverstone Raven 3 - Innovative solutions to age-old problems

At the front of the roof there's a hatch covering the connections, which include just two USB3.0-ports and the audio jacks. It's an odd decision to not have any USB2.0-connections here, as while the USB3.0-connections are really just extension cables running to the motherboard rear I/O, the USB2.0-connections would make use of internal headers and really add connectivity. The rest of the panel is removable and covers the motherboard area and ofcourse all the cables.


Silverstone Raven 3 - Innovative solutions to age-old problems

With the panel out of the way we get a clear view at the "rear panel". Here there are eight ventilated expansion slots, a single 120 mm exhaust fan and two holes for water cooling hoses. Right behind the hatch that covers the USB-ports are the two built-in fan controllers for the 180 mm intake fans. Due to the special layout of the RV02 there's no power supply mounting hole here.




Silverstone Raven 3 - Innovative solutions to age-old problems

Things have also changed on the bottom, as the dust filters have moved from inside the case to under it. The filters are held in place with magnets, which sounds handy, but requires some getting used to. At the front one can see a hole where the mains connector is hidden. This is a really strange and awkward place for the cable and I can't really think of any reason why it's hidden here when there would also be room on the roof, where the other cables get connected.

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