Silverstone Raven 2

Stylish case with a twist
Model: RV02B-W
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 20.12.2009
Manufacturer: Silverstone
Product Group: System Enclosures
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External looks


Silverstone Raven 2 System Enclosure - RV02B-W

Out the box you can see the unique shape of the case. The first Raven case had pretty striking design to it, but for the second one Silverstone has tuned things down a bit, and this newcomer follows the usual gamer-line design with its plastic shrouds and some steel mesh on the roof. The large side window gives a very good look at the motherboard area, and even more so when someone remembers to peel off the protective plastic


Silverstone Raven 2 System Enclosure - RV02B-W

The front corner of the case features the buttons as well as the front panel connections. The usual two USB and audio connections should please most, but I'd like to see also e-sata connection here. While the Raven 2 is still pretty aggressively styled case, it's not nearly as eye catching as the first Raven. As a purely cosmetic things there's really only the shape of the top grill and the power-led-bar which is also shown here, right on the top of the front panel.


Silverstone Raven 2 System Enclosure - RV02B-W

With the top panel pulled off, the rear panel is revealed. Now this can be a bit confusing, but just try to bear with me. In here the front panel is on the left and this is the top of the case. The motherboard is also situated on the "wrong side" of the case, and is revealed by removing the right side panel, rather than the more usual left.

Other than the weird positioning of things, everything looks pretty usual here. The Raven indeed relies on positive pressure so there's just a single 120 mm exhaust fan and lots of ventilation holes here. The motherboard connections and PCI-slots are recessed so that the cables can bend more easily towards the rear of the case. Still there's no room for huge adapters such as the still pretty common DVI-VGA-block.


Silverstone Raven 2 System Enclosure - RV02B-W

Bottom shows the three massive intake fans. Overall the mesh isn't too restrictive, but a proper wire-fangrills would always be preferred. Also note how the front fan is partially covered by the case feet. Partially hidden by the rear feet, one can also see the two water-cooling through puts the case has.


Silverstone Raven 2 System Enclosure - RV02B-W

The rear end of the case has an easily removable dust filter for the power supply intake. Unfortunately the arc at the top is just a plastic part to keep the cables in order, a proper metal handle here would have made moving the case around a lot easier.

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