SilverStone Sugo SG05

Well ventilated Mini-ITX system enclosure
Author: Toni Siik
Published: 15.09.2009
Manufacturer: SilverStone
Product Group: System enclosures
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SFF (Small Form Factor) cases and setups have several advantages when looking at them from the LAN-gamers perspective. Unfortunately gaming-grade setups have not come in small sizes, which made going to LAN-parties somewhat of a chore. Dragging a full-sized case which rivals a fridge in size, really is not that much fun.

Shuttle was the first manufacturer to really make the powerful SFF-computers "mainstream". Other than that, the other products in this form-factor have usually been miles away from being suitable for gaming. Now things have however changed, as various manufacturers have released Mini-ITX motherboards which can take the newest processors and graphics cards.

In addition to these gaming-grade products, the release of Intel's Atom based motherboards has finally ramped up the need for smaller cases, specially designed for these small motherboards. The main difference between the Atom-motherboards and the earlier VIA mini-ITX motherboards is simply cost. The VIA-motherboards never really struck through to the main crowds due to their high cost, while the Atom-platform is cheap enough so people feel like they are getting their moneys-worth. Even if the Atom-boards really don't pack that much of a punch.

SilverStone Sugo SG05

SilverStone was nice enough to send a sample of one of their SFF-cases, the SG05. Unlike most small SFF-cases which have been designed with mini-ITX motherboards in mind, the SG05 has a relatively large powersupply, 300 W, and it even supports dual-slot graphic cards. This makes it a perfect candidate for someone that wants to build a small setup, which will run most games at decent settings. Another interesting things about this case is that it supports the mini-DTX sized motherboards, from AMDs elusive DTX-formfactor.

Does the small case have what it takes to become the LAN-gamers best friend? Lets pop open the brown box and find out!


SilverStone Sugo GD05 Mini-ITX Case Review

SilverStone has taken a fairly conservative approach to packaging this case as the package is simply a brown box, with the needed information printed on its sides. Now lets move on to the things that actually matter.

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