Silvestone TJ08-E

Very stylish small case

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 03.10.2011
Manufacturer: Silverstonetek
Product Group: Enclosures
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With our updated case-testing gear we can now get back into reviewing not only full-size ATX-cases but also the smaller mATX-models. The Define Mini got to be the first one, but now we have something new from Silverstone - the TJ08-E. The -E is a new version of an older TJ08-case, and going by Silverstone's track record of making some of our favorite cases, the expectations are high for this Evolution-version as well!


Package & Specifications


Silvestone TJ08-E - Very stylish small case

  • Model No.: SST-TJ08-E(black)
  • Material: Aluminum front panel, steel body
  • Motherboard: Micro ATX, Mini-DTX, Mini-ITX
  • Drive Bay:
      External - 5.25" x 2 + 3.5" x 1 (compatible with one 3.5” hard dirve)
      Internal - 3.5" x 4 , 2.5” x1
  • Cooling System:
      Front - 1 x 180mm AP181 intake fan, 700/1200rpm, 18/34dBA (backwards compatible with 140mm fan)
      Rear - 1 x 120mm fan slot (option)
  • Expansion Slot: 4
  • Front I/O Port: USB3.0 x 2 (backwards compatible with USB 2.0), Audio x 1, MIC x 1
  • Power Supply: 1 x optional standard PS2 (ATX) maximum 180 mm long (160 mm recommended)
  • Expansion Card: Compatible up to 13.25” long
  • Limitation of CPU cooler: 165 mm
  • Net Weight: 5.3 kg
  • Dimension: 210 mm(W) x 374 mm(H) x 385 mm(D)
  • Extra: support two Kensington locks

The case arrived to our doorstep packed in a brown cardboard box with drawings of the case, and all its specifications printed around it. The black-and-white drawings aren't quite as informative as actual photos, but give a nice idea of the overall look and layout of the case inside. Other things to notice about the box are its very light weight and carrying handles.

Looking at the specifications the case is very compact at just 374 mm high and 385 mm deep. Despite the mainly steel structure it's also very light at just 5,3 kg. For expansion the case offers plenty of internal and external expansion slots, but for cooling there's only a single 180 mm AP181-fan.




Silvestone TJ08-E - Very stylish small case

The bundle is very limited and only includes the necessary screws, the manual, some zip ties, a rubber sticker to help insulate a very long graphic card from the HDD-cage and an adapter for the front panel USB3.0-ports. This adapter is a very nice addition, as with it people with no internal USB3-headers can connect the front panel USB3-ports to an internal USB2.0-header instead.

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