Silverstonetek GD07 HTPC enclosure

Stylish HTPC case

Author: Lauri 'lauri_lr' Rahtu
Published: 30.01.2013
Manufacturer: Silverstonetek
Product Group: Enclosures
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In last spring Silverstone published two HTPC cases to Grandia series. The cases' model names are GD07 and GD08 and their most important features are extensibility, cooling perfonrmance and silence. All in all, the cases' features are very similar, and the biggest differences are in the front panels. Both cases' price is about 150 euros. This time we are about to take a closer look at the GD07 model.


Silverstonetek GD07 HTPC enclosure - Stylish HTPC case



Aluminum front door and plastic front panel, steel body


SSI-EEB, SSI-CEB, Extended ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX

Drive bays

External: 5.25” x 4

Internal: 3.5” x 5, 2.5” x 2


Rear: 2 x 80 mm (fans not included)

Side: 2 x 120 mm intake fans, 900 rpm, 18 dBA (one fan included)

Top: oversized vents

Bottom: 2 x 120 mm intake fans, 900 rpm, 18 dBA (backwards compatible with 1 x 120 mm fan + 2 x 80 mm fans or 5 x 60 mm fans)

Extension card slots


Front panels I/O connectors

USB 3.0 x 2, audio x 1, mic x 1

Power supply

Standard PS2(ATX), max 220 mm (max. 180 mm if optical drive is installed)

Extension card

Max. 34,54 cm (13,6”)

CPU cooler's limitations

138 mm

Net weight

7 kg


440 mm * 175 mm * 435 mm (W, H, D)

When looking at the specifications it seems that GD07 has very good cooling performance, when considering that it is a HTPC case. There is also room for long graphics cards, big power supplies and many hard disk drives, so it is possible to assemble a very powerful setup to GD07.




Silverstonetek GD07 HTPC enclosure - Stylish HTPC case

The bundle includes user manual, a pile of screws, four washers, mountig brackets for 3.5" drive, USB 3.0 - USB 2.0 -adapter, a few cable holder and keys to front panel.

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