Silverstonetek TJ04-E System Enclosure

A very stylish case for any use

Author: Lauri 'lauri_lr' Rahtu
Published: 23.09.2012
Manufacturer: Silverstonetek
Product Group: Enclosures
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Silverstonetek TJ04-E System Enclosure - A very stylish case for any use

TJ04-E can easily handle the thermal load this system produces. If you have a true high-end build, you can improve the cooling by adding a couple of 120 mm fans to the case.

The heatsink for the HDD doesn't seem to make any effect for one disk, but I believe the heatsinks will help a lot when you have a full pack of HDDs installed.




Silverstonetek TJ04-E System Enclosure - A very stylish case for any use

Even the case isn't equipped with sound dampening material, it's not loud at all. Especially the solid front panel prevents the sound leakage nicely. Once again, it's not the quietest case out there, but it would be easy to add some noise dampening foam to make the case even quieter.

The fans have only 3-pin connectors, so you may need to get some molex to 3-pin adapters if you're using a micro-ATX board. SilverStone could have included these in the bundle.


  • Build quality
  • Front panel
  • Design
  • Well designed interior
  • HDD cage with heatsinks
  • Cooling
  • Removable dust filters...

  • ...which are mounted with plastic clamps
  • No 3-pin to molex adapters included.
  • Award
    Editor's Choice Award!

    TJ04-E really fulfills the expectations, even they were high. It seems like SilverStone has really thought about everything when designing this case. Only minor drawback I can imagine is the way the dust filters are mounted. I would have liked to see SilverStone using magnets instead of plastic clamps.

    Also there should have been 3-pin to molex adapters included in the bundle, because every motherboard doesn't have three extra fan chassis connectors on them. SilverStone deserves a special mention for bundling heatsinks and continous SATA cable connectors with the case!

    The price of this chassis is about 130 euros, which isn't really that high when considering the quality and features of the case.

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