Silverstonetek TS01B

RFID Protected 2.5" SATA Enclosure
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 20.04.2008
Manufacturer: Silverstonetek
Product Group: Storage
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Silverstonetek TS01B RFID 2.5 SATA Enclosure

The enclosure itself looks pretty much like any external 2,5" HDD. It's mainly made of black brushed aluminum, but the ends are made of plastic. On the top side there's a Silverstone logo and a smaller RFID Security logo, which also shows where the RFID key should be placed.


Silverstonetek TS01B RFID 2.5 SATA Enclosure

The bottom of the housing features product info and also all the certification logos. Even though the bottom is rarely seen, I'd still prefer just plain black finish here. Also some small rubber feet would come handy as without any feet the light weight drive can easily slide around on a table.


Silverstonetek TS01B RFID 2.5 SATA Enclosure

The connections are: a small DC-power plug for an external transformer (not included) and a miniUSB port. Unfortunately no e-SATA connection here. To the right from the USB connector one can also see a led that shines blue when the power is connected, but also flashes in red or green depending on the state of the drive. On each end there are small screws that hold the plastic end on place.

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