Silverstonetek TS01B

RFID Protected 2.5" SATA Enclosure
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 20.04.2008
Manufacturer: Silverstonetek
Product Group: Storage
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Getting the encryption to work using a new HDD is a very simple task, just install the HDD to the enclosure and connect the USB cable. After this the RFID keys have to be placed on the sensor one after another and then the drive can be normally partitioned. If the HDD has already been in use, all existing partitions have to be first deleted before the encryption process can be made. If there are existing partitions on the HDD, the TS01 will act like any other 2,5" enclosure.


Silverstonetek TS01B RFID 2.5 SATA Enclosure

The performance of our Samsung disk is clearly USB-limited and we saw very similar performance in the Plextor enclosure when USB was used. Over eSATA the average transfer rate would be around 50 MB/s, so the difference between USB and eSATA is rather clear. On smaller files even the USB speed is bearable, but if the HDD is filled in one go, the lack of faster connection is a very unfortunate thing. On a positive note it also seems that the encryption doesn't give any performance hit.



Silverstonetek TS01B RFID 2.5 SATA Enclosure

Silverstonetek TS01B RFID 2.5 SATA Enclosure

It's hard to say how secure the Silverstone's encryption is, but atleast the drive keeps its secrets even when swapped to a normal 2,5" enclosure. Without the RFID key, the hard disk shows as an empty one. A regular thief or computer user is likely to just draw the conclusion that the drive is new and simply doesn't yet have any partitions. This is a good thing for the data saved on the disk.


  • Small and stylish
  • RFID Security
  • Protective carry case included

  • CONS 
  • No eSATA connection
  • No rubber feet
  • Award

    All together the Silverstone TS01B proved to work well as a 2,5" HDD enclosure and the special feature works well. The better security doesn't show on the performance of the HDD, so there's really no reason why not to use it. Also using RFID keys instead of more traditional passwords is a nice feature as atleast I'm struggling to remember even the passwords for forums and email. Also the bundle that includes a nice protective leather case and two USB-cables is very nice. The only downside of the enclosure is the lack of eSATA connection, but this is a manufacturer's decission and can't really be called a flaw.

    Even though I have never really had a feeling that I should use any kind of encryption on my HDDs, I think I'm still going to use the feature of the TS01B. It doesn't give any performance hit and atleast you can be sure that if you lose the disk either through someone stealing it or you simply forgetting it somewhere, it's always nice to know that nobody will see your files.

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