Xbox Modchip SmartXX V2 &

Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 29.04.2005
Manufacturer: SmartXX
Xbox Media Center
Product Group: Game consoles
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Xbox 360 is just around the corner but there is still life in this current model. Many people concider game consoles as devices that can, well, be used to play games. They actually offer a lot more functionality than you could imagine. In this review we'll be showing you how to make your Xbox console bit more versatile with SmartXX modchip and XBMC media software. Like in so many previous articles this is going to be both review and modding article but perhaps that is what makes us so special, right?! :)

Xbox, SmartXX and XBMC




There are so many modchips for Xbox to choose from. We decided to take a closer look at SmartXX as it is concidered to be the best by many users. To be more specific, the model that we chose was the V2 Halloween Edition.

Package contains the following:

  • SmartXX v2 Halloween Edition modchip (orange color)
  • Pin Header install
  • Soldering Template
  • SmartXX Sticker
  • SmartXX USB Adapter
  • SmartXX Special Edition CD ! (include manual/tools/download & ED´s latest Xebian Linux)

    SmartXX V2 Halloween Edition

    Here is a feature list of the chip itself:

  • Flash Size: 4 MB
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Works native with Smartxx 1.6 Solderless Adapter: YES

  • Change Video Mode
  • Change Game Region
  • Works with all Video Cables
  • Eeprom Diagnostic
  • Eeprom Repair
  • Eeprom Backup / Eeprom replay
  • Protect Xbox-live modchip detection
  • Skinnable OS
  • HDD unlock / lock
  • HDD copy
  • HDD format
  • New HDD Prepare
  • Flashable with CD/HTTP/TFTP/Remoteflasher
  • Supports USB keyboard
  • Connections for external Bank Select
  • LEDS
  • External Display (Lcd)
  • Contrast Trimmer for Display both side of the board
  • Software upgrade possible
  • As you can see from the list, the chip offers all the features that are needed to unlock the power of your console. For modders there is a support for LCD module, gamers will love the Xbox-live protection and friends of multimedia will find the support for all Video Cables very usefull; Surround sound and HDTV are enabled. You can install a HDD with more storage space to house all your movie backups and games. Install Linux and use the console as Counter-Strike server etc. So we have all these fancy features but how hard it is to install one of these chips?

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