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Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 29.04.2005
Manufacturer: SmartXX
Xbox Media Center
Product Group: Game consoles
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SmartXX setup

Modchip's own configuration offers a lot of parameters to change and we will go over some of the more interesting ones.


Bios selection menu

This is the startup menu that will be shown when you have installed one or more bioses to your modchip. Just select the bios you would like to use and it will be loaded for you. As modchip doesn't contain any bioses when you buy it, you are required to download them from the net and transfer them to the modchip. There are many methods on how to make this transfer but the Remote Flasher must be one of the easiest and fastest ways.

Remote Flasher

Remote Flasher

This tool can be used to show all the Xbox consoles within the same network as the PC is. You can then choose the Xbox, the bank to flash and with what to flash it.


Main config menu

These are the selections in the main configuration menu.


HDD tools

From here one can make copy of the harddrives, copy only OS part etc. Format a new, perhaps a larger capacity HDD to be used with the Xbox and lock and unlock them. This menu is also the most "dangerous" one as you can format all your data quite easily. Good thing that the only way to access this menu is by pulling both triggers at the same time when you make the selection so there should be no accidents.

You still need to use, for example Slayer's Installation CD after the format to get your new HDD operational. More detailed instructions for this can be found for example from



PAL/NTSC changes can be made from this EEPROM menu. Also the region free operation for DVDs is handled here. One can backup and restore the original Xbox bios so you can boot up the unit in its original state.



As the Xbox have the network connection build-in, it is only natural to give a way to configure it as you like. There are tons of software available that can use this connection for www surfing, audio streaming etc. when you have modchip installed.



Linux startup

Linux config

There are many people who uses their Xbox to run Linux. As the Xbox console includes everything as a regular PC would, you can use the console the same way. Plugin your USB keyboard and start surfing the net, Ircing or run the console as Apache WWW server.

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