Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 07.08.2002
Manufacturer: Trust
Product group: Speakers


Trust 3000P 5.1 SoundWave

Now when you have purchased a new motherboard or soundcard that has six channel audio, you'll need speakers that can support this feature. Trust has few models of this kind of speakers and now we will be testing their 3000P 5.1 SoundWave set that is promised to deliver 3000 Watt Peak Music Power Output (PMPO).


Technical Specifications:

  • Total 3000 Watt PMPO
  • 20 W subwoofer + 5 W centre + 4x 5 W satellites RMS
  • Magnetically shielded for positioning near monitor or TV
  • Built-in 6 channel amplifier
  • Bass, centre, surround and volume controls
  • Wooden bass reflex design for powerful bass
  • Power indication
  • Full range speaker system
  • 40-20.000 Hz frequency range
  • 9 pin mini DIN audio input connector with all required cables included
  • Size product (h x w x d in mm):
    • Subwoofer 265 x 200 x 275
    • Centre + satellites 100 x 100 x 105
  • Gross weight: 8,4 kg




Inside the package you'll find the following items:

  • Subwoofer with amplifier
  • 1 centre + 4 satellite speakers including cables
  • 5.1 audio connection cable (6 x rca input to 9 pin mini-din)
  • 5.1 audio connection cable (3 x 3.5 mm stereo input to 9 pin mini-din)
  • 3.5 mm converter cable for switching center / subwoofer
  • Power adapter
  • Multi language user's manual



3.5 mm plugs

Package contains two sets of input cables. RCA cables are used with DVD players and 3.5 mm stereo plugs are for soundcards etc. With stereo plugs there is a short converter cable which is used to switch center channel and subwoofer signals if such operation is needed. Cables are quite short and they connect directly to subwoofer unit. This might make finding the good spot for the subwoofer difficult.





Places for the cables are well marked. From the left: mini-din for input, Rear Right, Front Right, Center, Front Left, Rear Left and VAC.

Cables for the satellites are quite long. For the front speakers they are 390 cm and to the rear 780 cm. These should be well enough but the center speaker has only 180 cm cable. This again might affect the placement of the woofer unit. Installation itself was really straight forward and easy.





For this I played various tracks from Rammstein's Mutter. Some tracks had very deep bass sounds and with the loudest volume there were quite a lot of distortion coming from the subwoofer unit. At the same time satellites were performing really well which is quite odd compared what was happening with the woofer. When I turned the volume down for the woofer unit things improved but this obviously had a impact on the deepest basses and they became quite flat but didn't have distortions. Center speaker was silent during the test because mp3 are recorded in stereo.


With Synthesizer Moods CD I tested the unit with broader range of music. It contains tracks with deep basses and bright and clear discant sounds. As in a previous test the woofer unit fell behind from the rest in quality. 20 Watts isn't that much and it can be heard. Again the center speaker was useless because CD audio is recorded in stereo.

Game: Day of Defeat

Wow! What a difference compared to my old headphones. It feels like I'm inside the game. Grenades flying over my head and exploding behind me, bullets hitting the wall etc. With this system one really notices how big part the sounds have in games. With the medium volume setting the quality of the sounds is really good and the woofer produces deep enough bass with good clarity.


I don't own a DVD system yet so I had to test the unit with Divx movies. Difference while comparing to stereo speakers on my 28" TV is astonishing. While the sounds are only in stereo the woofer unit really makes the sound come alive and makes the movie watching experience a lot better. I also found a .vob ment to check the placement of the speakers by using all of the six channels and all of the speakers were working perfectly.



If you don't already have a decent set of speakers this set is the right choice for you. Woofer unit could deliver a bit more kick but it is already powerfull enough to bring your neighbor behind your door. Only read downside is that all of the controls are build in to the woofer unit. Trust has noticed this and they will be soon selling their 4000P 5.1 Home Theatre System with separate control unit. My wife also pointed out that maybe there should be a possibility to order this set in different colors. Black wires going around in all-white living room isn't that esthetic.

I really enjoyed reviewing this product and I will be using it as my primary speaker set with movies etc. With this surround set you can really change the way you listen music and experience games.


Pros and Cons

+ Low price (under 100 euros)
+ Easy to install
+ Long cables to satellites
+ 5.1 sounds

- Woofer a bit weak
- No separate controller unit for volumes



Additional information


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