3D-controller from 3DConnexion
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 17.07.2008
Manufacturer: 3DConnexion
Product Group: Input
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For me, Google Earth and Google SketchUp have been the most important ones. They both are supported by the SpaceExplorer and boy, does the 3D controller improve the usability of them both. One can literally fly around the globe in the Google Earth. It is so easy to zoom around the maps and pan from place to place. It is so easy to move from point to point, angle to angle so after you try it, you'll never walk away.

Most users will place the controller on the side of the keyboard where the mouse is not located. This maximizes the usability and just feels... well, natural. I took this video to demonstrate the usage a bit better. You'll notice that my left arm and fingers are not moving that much. I like to keep the sensitivity of the SpaceExplorer high so even the sligtiest of move results in a fast movement on the screen.

If you like to see more real life usage videos, please, visit the 3DConnexion's video page.


  • Intuitive control
  • 15 customizable buttons
  • Free SDKs
  • Multiple OS support

  • CONS 
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  • Award
    Editor's Choice!

    SpaceExplorer really takes a leap forward compared to the SpaceNavigator that we reviewed earlier. Don't get me wrong here, SpaceNavigator has the exactly the same 6-axis controller on it but it lacks the added usability that only those extra buttons on the SpaceExplorer bring. It is great to be able to keep holding the SpaceExplorer controller even while designing with a mouse. If you need to press control keys, shift etc. that would normally need a keyboard, you can handle then directly from the 3D controller.

    You can have a lot of fun with the 3D controllers from the 3DConnexion even if you are not a designer or an engineer. I find myself time and again playing with the Google Earth. This makes these controllers a valuable tool for example for education. Boys and girls, children and adults will enjoy them equally.

    If you are a CAD designer or indeed an engineer, I believe you have just realized what you have been missing from your desktop. I'm pretty sure that you can convince your boss to order one of these controllers for you as the productivity boost is easy to see. Intuitive, fast and precise control at your fingertips - you know you want it!

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