Speedlink CUE Multitouch Mouse

Mouse that likes to be touched

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 19.12.2010
Manufacturer: Speedlink
Product Group: Mice
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This year alone we've reviewed 11 mice, but there's always something new waiting around the corner. This time that something new comes from Speedlink and indeed is something so special we just had to give it a closer look. The newcomer is called Cue and it combined multi-touch gestures with a mobile mouse. Now lets have a look to see just how on earth does it do that.


Package & Specs


Speedlink CUE Multitouch Mouse - Mouse that likes to be touched

  • Wireless mouse with sensor surface
  • multitouch function for intuitive finger gesture control
  • high precision 1000dpi optical sensor
  • 8m range thanks to 2.4GHz wireless technology
  • super-compact nano receiver
  • easy installation thanks to auto Smartlink connection
  • long battery life thanks to power-saving mode and On/Off switch
  • timelessly stylish design
  • suitable for left or right-handers

The Cue was delivered to our test in a stylish small box with a window to showcase the mouse inside. On the opening door there are the gestures the mouse understands, and overall the box is very informative and does a good job at keeping the mouse safe. The specifications are typical for a general-use wireless mouse, the wireless link works at 2,4 GHz band and the sensor has resolution of 1000 DPI.




Speedlink CUE Multitouch Mouse - Mouse that likes to be touched

Being a wireless mouse the bundle contains a small receiver, two AAA-batteries, a driver CD, installation guide and ofcourse the Cue itself.

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