Spire Rocketeer VI 600W

Modular Power Supply with mirror finish.
Author: Olli Vanhoja
Published: 24.04.2007
Manufacturer: Spire
Product Group: Power Supplies
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Again a new manufacturer has started making high-end power supplies. This is a good thing for the consumers, but I can't help wondering the new direction. Few years ago no one seemed to care about the quality of their power supplies, no matter how top notch the rest of the computer system were. This wasn't too wise because a bad PSU can take all the other parts with it in case of failure. Besides having proper protections, a decent PSU also has lower ripple voltage in the output lines, which can, for example, effect the signal quality of the sound card. All together it really is worth paying for the quality.



Package contents



Besides the PSU itself, in the package there's a bunch of cables, five velcro cable binders, four zip ties and even a spare mounting screw! I wonder how one can loose just a single screw; I usually lose them all at same time. The velcro cable binders can be very useful and can be released unline the zip ties.

The modular cables are:
  • 2* 6-pin PCI-e cables
  • 2* Cables with one Molex and one FDD connectors
  • 2* Cables with two Molex connectors
  • 2* Cables with two S-ATA connectors

Overall the bundle is very nice and I'm glad the manufacturers are bundling their power supplies with all the cable ties nowadays.

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