Spire Rocketeer VI 600W

Modular Power Supply with mirror finish.
Author: Olli Vanhoja
Published: 24.04.2007
Manufacturer: Spire
Product Group: Power Supplies
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Who wouldn't love those cables, they are just great for the airflow and they look awesome. The thick 24-pin cable can cause some troubles because of the sleeving inside small cases, but that's the price to pay for the looks. In normal sized cases there's no problem whatsoever.

The casing of the SP-600W looks classy, but unfortunately collects fingerprints very easily.

The built in cables are:
  • 24(20) pin ATX
  • 4 Pin ATX 12 V
  • 8 Pin EPS Connector


There are two fans in the SP-600W, a 80 mm one in the back and a 120 mm on the side/bottom. Normally these are controllded according to the temperature of the power supply, but when the "Turbo Fan Switch", seen in this image, is pressed, they run at full speed all the time. Maybe this button can be used when you have issues with the airflow of your case and you want to use the PSU as an exhaust fan?

If the power supply is cool enough and Turbo Fan switch is off the SP-600W will stop down the fans, which will make it completely silent. But I also noticed that the leds of the fans get dimmer at the same time as the fans are slowed down. It doesn't make sense, those leds should be wired separately.

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