Spire Rocketeer VI 600W

Modular Power Supply with mirror finish.
Author: Olli Vanhoja
Published: 24.04.2007
Manufacturer: Spire
Product Group: Power Supplies
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  • Cables
  • Outlook of the Casing
  • Stopping fans at low load
  • Cable tiers included
  • Price

  • CONS
  • Low quality output voltages
  • Leds on the fans dimm when the fans slow down

  • The SP-600W didn't succeed in the tests and some results are not even acceptable. There is too much ripple and at the minimum load the lines aren't too stable either. Although with more load the SP-600W performs better. Results aren't good for a High-End power supply unit and while the regulation didn't stay in Spire's own specifications it still met the ATX 2.01 standard.

    Even I wouldn't market this power supply as a High-End one, it still looks nice and has some nice features such as modularity and many other nice features like stopping down the fans on low load.

    I have to complement the casing as well. It looks very nice and shiny. I haven't seen anything like this before on computer power supplies, the SP-600W brings those classic High-End audio power amplifiers into my mind. Sadly this unit doesn't have any vacuum tubes.

    Cables couldn't be much better. They are flexible enough for small cases and at the same time they are also thick enough to handle the currents. Power cables can't hurt airflow too much even how they are stuffed in the case, but the sleeving that Spire has used makes them look nice.

    Even though this isn't the best PSU out there in terms of ripple in the voltage lines, I can still recommend this one if you're searching a great looking modular unit for your new PC. After all this is a quality model with proper protections for over voltage etc.

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