Silverstone Technology

Author: Markus Rimppi
Published: 24.08.2004
Manufacturer: Silverstone Technology
Product group: PSU



By it's looks, weight and production material SST-ST30NF differs from other power sources considerably. On the back panel you can find AC input, the mains power switch and two LED indicators. There isn't any switch for selecting the mains voltage range. The system has been automated and it can handle voltages from 100V to 240V. This solution prevents the power source from damaging because of wrong AC input selection.

Leds and mains switch

Like mentioned above, the SST-ST30NF is equipped with two LED indicators. The upper LED indicates the temperature of the power source casing with two colours. Green colour means that the temperature is below 55°C and the red tells the user that the power source is about to overheat. The lower LED indicator indicates the current state of the power source. The LED turns amber when the power source is in stand by state, green when it's powered up and red when in power fault. The feature is quite great although the LED indicators can't be seen all the time. Anyhow, the power source is able to turn itself off if over heating or power fault occur.

The looks of SST-ST30NF is quite special. This is because it is meant to act like a big heat sink. SST-30NF is 150mm wide, 140mm long, 86mm high and it weight about 2,6 kilos, which is quite a lot. This is usually a sign of quality and especially very big heat sinks. But it isn't the absolute warranty for quality though.


From the front you can find an output for the cables and, at least at the moment, very popular honey comb ventilation structure.

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