Silverstone Technology

Author: Markus Rimppi
Published: 24.08.2004
Manufacturer: Silverstone Technology
Product group: PSU

The Insides

Below the aluminun cover of SST-ST30NF you can find two massive heatsinks covered with thermal paste and a heat pipe, which is meant to transfer the heat onto the thermal element on the back of the case. Some of the heat will naturally transfer to the case in where SST-30NF is installed. For example a case made aluminum would make the cooling more effective.

Serial ATA


The cable assortment of SST-ST30NF is quite good, but there are some things that could be better. It consists of ATX +12 and P4 ATX +12, six molex, two SATA and FDD connectors. Unfortunately there arent't any 24-pin ATX or PCI-E connectors for Intel 915 or 925 chipsets and PCI-E graphic cards. This is however just a minor problem because there are many 20-pin -> 24-pin adapters on the market.

20-pin ATX +12V

P4 +12V & AUX

ATX +12 cable is covered with cable sock as usual. The ATX connector is a little different compared to the other power sources because of its missing -5V line. It is an old relic from time before ISA so naturally it's unnecessary nowadays. The P4 ATX +12 and AUX cables are tied together and covered with cable sock. Because of that, the rarely used AUX cable is in the way all the time. Especially when used with P4 systems.

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