Silverstone Technology

Author: Markus Rimppi
Published: 24.08.2004
Manufacturer: Silverstone Technology
Product group: PSU

The test system:

CPUAthlon XP 1900@2000+ (12*139MHz)
Memory512MB DDR 166@172MHz (344MHz)
Video CardRadeon 9000Pro
HarddiskSeagate Barracuda V 60GB

The benchmarks were made by using the system above. Voltage measurements were made by motherboard sensors and a multimeter for more accurate test results. The load tests were made by running 3dmark 2003 several times one after another.

MBMlog Idle

The idle voltages are very stable. The +12V rail waves a bit, but clearly inside the parameters. The +3,3V and +5V rails are exemplary. Only a slight irregularity on those too.

MBMlog Load

The load measurements have nothing different to offer. The lines are waving a little, but moreover inside the parameters.


5 V Idle5.03 - 5.04 V
5 V Load5.03 - 5.04 V
12 V Idle12.35 - 12.36 V
12 V Load12.36 - 12.44 V

Again the idle +12V and +5V lines wave only a hundreth. The stress measurements shows that +12V rail waves a little more but +5V acts like idle voltages.

During the tests Silverstone SST-ST30NF was as quiet as 0dB power source can be. But what about the case and the power source temperatures? The temperature LED indicator didn't turn red, not even a single time. It was quite warm all the time, but not enough to actually burn the skin. The power source was installed in a case equipped with two case fans. During the tests the case temperature rose about 2 degrees compared to a power supply equipped with a fan. That is why using a case fan with SST-ST30NF is more than recommendable to keep the case temperatures check.

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