Silverstone Technology

Author: Markus Rimppi
Published: 24.08.2004
Manufacturer: Silverstone Technology
Product group: PSU


  • Silent (0dB)
  • Performance
  • Stable rails

  • CONS
  • A lack of ATX 24-pin and PCI-E connectors

  • Silverstone Technology SST-ST30NF seemed like almost a perfect product by its specifications and it proved itself worth it all. For only minor problems should be mentioned the missing 24-pin ATX and PCI-E connectors. But as mentioned before, it can be easily converterted as one with the adapters on the market. For some great things should be mentioned the silence, reliability, stable rails and performance.

    The PSU is able to provide very reliable and steady power output for quite powerful computers although it's mainly designed for HTPC use. Silverstone Technology SST-ST30NF is altogether a very high quality product and it can be recommended to the friends of silence and reliability. The unit costs about 170 dollars, but its well worth it if you need total silence and reliable power.

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