Steelseries 9HD

Hard Gaming Mousepad for the PRO's
Author: Toni 'HaoKi' Siik
Published: 13.12.2009
Manufacturer: Steelseries
Product Group: Mousepads
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As I have used and reviewed several Steelseries products during the past few years, I have eagerly awaited for some of their newly announced products to arrive to be tortured. One of these products is the new 9HD gaming mousepad, which has many of the features which I've liked in their old S&S mousepad.

Of course, like we already mentioned in our earlier mousepad roundup, rating mousepads is not that easy as preferences differ so much from person to person. So we recommend you try the pad out if possible before purchasing, so you'll know what the pad is like.

Has this new mousepad from Steelseries have something new to give?


Package and Bundle


Steelseries 9HD Gaming Mousepad

The front of the package reveals a large amount of the mousepad to the potential customers. This should give them some idea on how the mousepad will look on their desk.


Steelseries 9HD Gaming Mousepad

The back of the package has tons of information on the mousepad.


Steelseries 9HD Gaming Mousepad

Now that we've managed to crack open the package, we can get a better look at the contents. Here we have the mousepad and a small piece of fabric which can be used to wipe the mousepad clean.

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