Steelseries Siberia Neckband

High quality sound in a high quality package
Author: Toni 'HaoKi' Siik
Published: 28.07.2008
Manufacturer: SteelSeries
Product Group: Audio
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As Steelseries continues on to expand their brand in the Gaming-scene, they continue on to bring new products to expand their already impressive range of products. In 2007 we saw Steelseries acquiring Icemat which brought the Siberia-brand to Steelseries. The Siberia Neckband headphones carry on the legacy from the Icemat Siberia headphones. Let us see if they're worthy.

Siberia Neckband


SteelSeries Siberia Neckband

The headphones are packed in a good looking box, that lets the buyers get a peek at the headphones. The Steelseries-logos are clearly visible and all the important details about the headphones can be found on the box.


SteelSeries Siberia Neckband

In addition to the headphones themselves the bundle includes an extension cord with a volume control, an Xbox 360 adapter, the user manual, a brochure and usual stickers. The Xbox 360 adapter really seems like a good addition to the bundle as multiplayer games really seem to have taken off with the new generation of consoles.

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