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World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse
Author: Toni 'HaoKi' Siik
Published: 16.06.2009
Manufacturer: Steelseries
Product Group: Input devices
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FPS-Gamers Comments

"The mouse was thoroughly tested by two FPS-gamers, over an extended period of time, to see how it compared to the other mice that we've been using. As both of us have fairly large hands, we had no problems with reaching all of the buttons on the mouse. In addition the mouse felt fairly comfortable, even though it has some corners. The large size of the mouse took some getting used to as, the mice which we have used before are all smaller in volume than the WoW-mouse from Steelseries.

For us the most important, features of the mouse was the tracking performance and accuracy. Without having both of these areas in order, the mouse would perform fairly badly as an FPS-mouse. We are glad to report that the mouse tracked nicely on all of our surfaces, which include such mouse pads as the Steelseries S&S and SX pads.

While the mouse seems to be an excellent candidate for an FPS-mouse otherwise, we encountered some big problems with the software that is used to control the mouse. For some reason the whole software is designed in a way that it really only caters to the WoW-players, leaving everyone else out in the cold. With a high-end product like this one, we would have expected the software to a bit more flexible. We both faced pretty serious problems with the binding features of the mouse as we were not able to bind the buttons the way we wanted."

  • Testers: Toni "HaoKi" Siik, Juho "autoexec.cfg" Kallonen

WoW-Gamers Comments

"First impression about the mouse was that it was huge, at least for me who has accustomed to the Logitechs mx5xx and G5-series mice. From the point of WoW-players view the mouse seems like a brilliant tool, until you try to configure it to your needs. It seems like it only works with the original WoW-interface and since many players, including me, use addons, the actual configuration process may become a bit difficult. But if you are willing to use some time and figure out how to configure it for your current addons, I don.t see why not to get it or use it, at least the extra buttons gives a nice boost to controls, especially in the PVP-environment, when you can keep the other hand on the WASD-keys . Although the thumb controlled cross-controller, may need some learning before using it becomes natural."

  • Niko "Puikottaja" Nieminen, Soikeat Sotaurhot

In General Use

As long as the mouse suits your hand and grip-of-choice, the mouse works just fine while browsing the internet and now that the software-side of the mouse has improved considerably after the first versions, you may find some of the buttons useful on the mouse. I myself originally thought that I could be able to use the numerous bindable buttons while using CAD-programs. This way I could bind all of the most often used tools onto the mouse. As a result I wouldn't have to take my hand of the mouse that often and the work-flow would have become much more fluent than before with my 3d-controller, keyboard and mouse combo, as I would only rarely have to use the keyboard while modeling.

If the controlling software was even a tiny bit more flexible, the mouse would have numerous other uses as well as playing WoW. This is the reason why I hope that Steelseries would bring a "general" version of the WoW mouse onto the markets. I myself know many people that would love to use this mouse, if only the software were a bit better.

What works and what doesn't?

This mouse brings something new to the table when compared with other mice, or at least it has tons of buttons. While the massive amount of buttons may suite the WoW-gaming crowd, I think the designers have been too concentrated on that side of things. As a result, the mouse really only fit the WoW-gamers with the first driver versions, lacking many features that other users may have wanted to see. Its unfortunate, that the designers haven't had a broader view of things while putting the mouse through its paces.

The ideal way to work the numerous buttons and binding them, would be assigning them just plainly as "buttons" (Button1, button2, button3, etc.). That way we will have to install some drivers for the mouse, but assigning the buttons to something useful, even outside of WoW would be easier. Even our WoW-player thought that this would actually be a better way to bind the buttons.


  • Looks
  • It has tons of buttons
  • Shape (large hands)
  • Weight (light)

  • CONS 
  • Software
  • Large size
  • Award
    Bronze Award!

    This highly "specialized" tool for WoW-players seems to have missed its target due to various reasons explained earlier. Although there are various big problems with the software, the hardware seems to be in order. The mouse looks great, feels good (if it just suits your grip), and the mouse tracks nicely. Due to the lack of flexibility in the software, just about all of the extra buttons on the mouse were rendered close to useless. Luckily the situation has changed with the new software versions.

    We actually hope that a general-use version of this mouse might be available later on. I myself can find tons of uses for extra buttons, if they can be bound better than with the current WoW-version. In addition a less WoW-centered software might improve the products markets.

    All in all, this product is standing on some fairly good foundations, as the physical-side of the mouse has been designed well enough. When Steelseries finally gets the software to the same level as well, we are talking about a product, which brings something completely new to the whole mouse-sector of the industry.

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    Questions, Comments?. Visit the topic about this article on our forum.
    • 18.06.2009 01:17 kuppazki

    • hankkisin samantien jos ei ois WoW brändätty... :roll:
    • 18.06.2009 01:20 zaketus

    • First I was like :| , but then I lolled :D

      I saw one of those on the counter in some gaming store (Gamestop if I remember right) and I just though those are something like cheapest mice with WoW logo and some "ubercool" body. After quickly reading that review, seems like those might actually be good.

      But seems like price tag have some "wow-extra" on it...

      I'll stick with my G5 for now...
    Questions, Comments?. Visit the topic about this article on our forum.

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