Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 11.03.2003
Manufacturer: Sunbeam
Product group: Modding

Sunbeam's Rounded CCFL Fans

If you don't currently own any UV CCFLs but would like to spice up your case with some UV reactive fan's, why not buy just one product that combines these two features? Sunbeam has combined best of these two categories by developing a rounded Cold Cathode Lamps. This can be then easily included with a fan that is transparent or UV reactive. Lets go and see two of these great new products.


Round CCFL Specifications:
Diameter:80 mm
Input voltage:12 V
Output voltage:620 V
Power compsumption:2.4 W
Current draw:5 mA
Brightness:28,000 cd/m2
Fan Specifications:
Fan Dimension:80 x 80 x25 mm
Bearing Type:Sleeve
Rated Voltage:10.2 - 13.8 V
Current draw:130 mA
Power compsumption:1.56 W
Air Flow:31.73
Rotation Speed:2700 RPM
Noise Level:28 dB(A)




RGB Rounded CCFL Fan



Inside this package was the clear fan, RGB rounded CCFL, velcro for inverter, dual output inverter, screws for installation and finally a switch with a backplate. Switch is provided so that the user can switch the light on and off. Everything needed for the installation is included in the package. This makes the installation fast and easy. Good thing that Sunbeam has included their Dual Output inverter with this package because you can connect a regular CCFL to that same inverter too so you don't have to buy an additional unit if you want to light up the case even more.



The fan is more or less an ordinary clear fan. The rounded CCFL includes mounting holes that match with the mounting holes on the fan. Because of this you can install the CCFL on either side of the fan. This way the CCFL can't be caught between the case and the fan when installing.

Fan can take the power from a three pin header on a motherboard or from a Molex connector coming from the PSU. There isn't any pass through cable so the Molex will eat up one of the PSU connectors for itself. This maybe an issue for some people that have many components installed to their computer that need power from these Molex connectors.



I took this photo with a short exposure time to capture the colors. In real life it is a lot brighter and you can see it on the last pictures in this review. There are different color and switch choices available and they can be seen on Sunbeam's product page.


UV Rounded CCFL Fan



As with the RGB CCFL, the UV kit can be bought with different colors and switches. This kit contains the same items as the RGB kit but there is also a Sound Activated module that can drive the CCFL with different effects.


Sound Activated module

The module gets plugged between the PSU and the CCFL inverter. It can drive two separate inverters if you want to have a larger lightshow.

User can choose between different modes that include:

  • OFF
  • Constantly ON
  • Sound activated
  • Flashing

With Sound Control the module reacts to the sounds that it can hear through it's microphone. User can change the sensitivity with the knob on top of the unit. Great feature on parties etc. The flashing mode flashes the cathodes on and off with a constant rate, not adjustable.



As you can see the fan gets really bright glow caused by the UV light coming from that rounded CCFL.


Finished installation

Both fans installed and lit. The case is Sunbeam's clear acrylic case that is reviewed here. The RGB CCFL is really bright and lights up the bottom part of the case easily. With couple of these you can handle all the cooling needs and the lighting at the same time.



Both of these products are well suited for modding. They are both functional and good looking. You get a fan to cool down your system but you can use the rounded CCFL alone too. This might be usefull if you all building your own case for a computer and need something different to light up the interiors. All in all a nice addition to a wide product range that Sunbeam already has. Innovative products are always welcome because there seems to be too much copying between manufacturers these days. Well done Sunbeam!


Pros and Cons

+ Bright
+ Good looking
+ Innovative
+ Many colors and kit choices including Sound Activated module

- Sleeve bearing fans

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