Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 02.09.2002
Manufacturer: Sunbeam Tech
Product group: Modding
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Sunbeam's Multicolored CCFLs

You have seen single colored cold cathodes for a long time now. It is time for a next step in evolution. Sunbeam Tech was the first manufacturer to publish their line of multicolored Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps. Let's see what these beauties can do and how they look.



A little eyecandy for starters. I took this shot with fast shutter speed so that the camera doesn't over exposure the image. This way you'll also see the colors more clearly. Colors are pure and red is red as it should be and not pink as with the many CCFLs made by others.

Specifications for key components:

  • Brightness of CCFL: 18000 +/- 3000 cd/mˆ2
  • Average life: 15000 hours
  • CCFL voltage: 200 - 1000 volts
  • CCFL current: 5 mA
  • Power: 2.85 +/- 0.3 watts
  • Inverter input voltage: DC 12 volts




Package content

Item: Explanation
Connector for the switch
Splitter cable
Dual output inverter
Cold Cathode tubes
Extension cable for the switch
Adhesive backed velcro tape for attaching the inverter
Adhesive backed velcro tape for attaching the CCFL tubes
Switch with detachable wires



Package also contains two sheets of printed instructions for installation and some safety guidelines.

Everything needed is included so once you open the box you are ready to install the kit and start using the lights. Lets see some details about the items in the package.





Inverter is wrapped inside the velcro tape to prevent short circuits. Inside the package is the adhesive part of the velcro and it is used to attach the inverter to the case. Velcro is a good choice here because it also makes uninstallation more easy.


Two outputs

Pluggin in

In these images you'll see two connectors that are used to hook up CCFL tubes. While there are two connectors it doesn't mean that you have to buy two tubes. Think that second connector as a bonus. After the initial installation you notice that one tube isn't enough so you can just buy another tube and use the same inverter for it. No need to buy a second complete kit. This saves you money but it also clears the wire mess that is building up inside your case.


Velcro for tubes

Tubes are attached with little pieces of velcro. This to ensure easy installation and uninstallation. This also ensures that there are no cable tiers etc. blocking the light.



Switch itself isn't anything special. Just regular on/off function as usual. Interesting part is that Sunbeam Tech decided to spend some extra money by using connectors that makes the switch detachable. This way you don't have to rip the wires from the switch while installing it and then solder them back. They also include a handy extension cable for the switch so you can have more freedom about where to place it.



Another good idea from Sunbeam Tech. They include adhesive washer that can be used as a size quide for you to drill a properly sized hole for the switch. You then leave the washer in place and push the switch in and you are done. This speeds up the installation process even further and make this kit one of the fastest and easiest to install.






I just received these images that show you the new inverter box. By using solid box Sunbeam Tech is able to make their inverter even more safe and easier to handle. From these images you can also see the printed circuit board of the inverter. They will be offering this box with differenct colors so they match with the color of the CCFLs. There is also one other nice feature coming up but more of this in another review. ;)


In Action

Less words and more images in this section. Just what the doctor ordered!


Really bright

Lighting up the case

Red and Blue

Tri color

Desktop (RB behind the keyboard, Tri color inside the case)



What can I say? These babys really rock! Easy to install and really sweet to look at. CCFLs are the basic tools for modding and they really make your case stand out and by using Sunbeam Tech's products you are getting nothing but the best that CCFLs can offer.


Pros and Cons

+ Really bright
+ Red is red
+ Inverter with two outputs
+ Multicolored
+ Easy to install
+ CCFL covered with procetive acrylic tube

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