Pico A 2 GB

Very fast USB Flash drive from Super Talent.
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 22.11.2007
Manufacturer: Super Talent
Product Group: Storage
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Almost everyone already owns one or has at least used one. They are everywhere, come in all shapes and sizes and can be preloaded right from the store with goodies like music. The prices have come down at tremendous pace for the last couple of years, which has caused the manufacturers to think of new ways to differ from the masses and come up with something new to make their product stand out more.

The piece of storaging hardware that arrived to our test this time is an USB-memory from Super Talent. As manufacturers compete for the attention of the customers by adding LCD screens and padlocks to their flash memories, Super Talent has taken a different approach with their Pico Series of USB Flash Memories. They have figured that the two things customers are really looking for are performance and a small size. Pico series consists of two different models, A and B, which differ in the way they open. The storage sizes for both models range from 1 to 4 GB. The actual model of the stick we're testing is the Pico A 2 GB.

Package and Content


Super Talent Pico A 2GB Package and Content

Fortunately Super Talent has also figured that the end users don't want to lose their nerves and cut their hands while trying to open the package, so they deviced a very user friendly opening mechanism. The only information printed on the package is that the Memory Stick is USB1.1 and USB2.0 compatible. Some might want to get a lanyard with their memory stick, but then again people that find lanyards handy most likely already have one. The Pico is also so small I don't think it would work too well with them.

However a short chain comes attached to the memory so it can be used as a key chain or can be attached to just something to keep it from getting lost. The swing-open design is nice as the cover can't be lost.

Size Comparison


Sandisk Extreme III, Super Talent Pico and Kinston DataTraveller


Compared to a coin

From the first image and from the name of the product one can already figure out that the device is rather small. The image on the top shows the Pico being compared to a Compact Flash Memory Card and a Kingston Datatraveler that can be considered a normal sized USB Flash Memory. On the bottom image one can see that it's very, very slim as well. Without the metal cover it's only two millimeters and even with the cover less than four millimeters thick (3.7 mm x 12.4 mm x 38.7 mm). That's the minimal thickness required for it to sit firmly on an USB connector. Drive is also very light, weighing less than 6 grams.

As a modder I instantly saw the modding potential offered by the small dimensions. Nowadays flash-chips are commercially embedded to pretty much every item imaginable, so it's hard to come up with anything new, but we'll have to wait and see if something can still be invented.


Very slim

The small and slim design also has some real-life advantages over its larger counterparts. Some cases have the front panel connectors hidden in a groove, which either makes it harder or impossible to plug anything larger than a normal USB Connector in. Also even when the USB connectors are located on a smooth surface they can be so close to each other a single fatty USB Memory will make it fiddly or impossible to use the connector next to it. The Pico series memories are easily smaller than your standard USB Connector so it will fit in every connector.

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