Pico A 2 GB

Very fast USB Flash drive from Super Talent.
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 22.11.2007
Manufacturer: Super Talent
Product Group: Storage
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Kingston Datatraveller speed


Super Talent Pico A 2GB Speed

The Kingston Datatraveler seen earlier in the size comparison was also used when comparing the transfer speeds. Again, it's there showing the transfer speed of any basic USB Flash Memory from a well-known manufacturer. The synthetic test shows the raw data transfer-speed, access time and burst speed of the memories.

The results show pretty impressive difference with the Pico having a 2,5X greater average transfer speed and over three times shorter access time. As the capacities of USB Memories are constantly growing, the role of the transfer speed is also getting larger. For example the 2,5X difference seen here, while it may not decide between life and death, it will save you about two minutes in filling or emptying the 2 GB memory. And like they say; time seems to stand still when one is waiting...


  • Small size
  • Built-in cover (can't be lost)
  • Fast transfer rates

  • CONS 
  • -
  • Award

    Altogether Super Talent has made an impressive little flash memory. Personally I don't tend to drive over my storaging devices all that often so I'd pick this small and stylish one over those bullet- and waterproof ones any day. Already with a 2 GB version the high transfer speed starts to show when moving large files around.

    I see no reason why I wouldn't adopt the Pico for everyday use. And for that, I can't think of a better reason to give the Pico an Editors Choice Award!

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