Razer Tarantula

Gaming keyboard for professionals.
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 24.01.2007
Manufacturer: Razer
Product Group: Input
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Usage experiences

The first thing I noticed was that the Tarantula feels pretty solid. It doesn't twist and squeak like cheap basic keyboards. Not too important thing in use, but gives a good image of the quality. Other thing that became instantly clear is that Razer hasn't used too bright leds in this board, which I really appreciate. Bright lights just aren't nice when you're playing at dark lanparties.

By the height and touch of the buttons I'd say the Tarantula is some sort of combination of laptop-ish touch and normal keyboard convenience. Personally I don't like to type on laptop keyboards and this depends entirely on personal opinions. Razer has specified the latency of the keys to 1 ms, which is obviously rather impossible thing to test. Though I can't say if the latency is 1 or 3 ms, I can describe the buttons to be responsible. Touch of the keys is nice, not too stiff nor loose and the keyboard is much more quiet than my last one.




  • Good "touch"
  • Multiple configurable keymaps
  • High quality and cool looking

  • CONS
  • Price
  • Only some keys are backlighted

  • Razer has made a nice entrance to the new scene, even the Tarantula may not blow your mind off with new features, it's a very sleek looking, high quality and very good-to-use keyboard. No major issues were found in the board itself or in the software and if you just can afford one of these boards, I bet you won't regret.

    Even how I liked the touch and the overall quality of the keyboard, unfortunately it all just doesn't seem to justify the high price. The Tarantula sells at about 100 € here in Finland, making it the most expensive keyboard I've used. Though the final word in this product can be said after longer perioid of usage. It will be interesting to see how this Ultimate Gaming Keyboard compares to the cheaper ones in terms of lifespan.

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