Tesoro Durandal & Durandal Ultimate

Stylish Gaming Keyboards

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 04.05.2012
Updated: 07.05.2012
Manufacturer: Tesoro
Product Group: Keyboards
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Durandal Ultimate




Tesoro Durandal & Durandal Ultimate - Stylish Gaming Keyboards

The bundle includes only the necessities: wrist rest, manual, driver CD and a product flyer. The keyboard sure doesn't come cheap, so it would nice to at least get a tool for removing the button caps.


The Ultimate

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Looking at the keyboard it’s a rather plain just like most mechanical keyboards. For some eye-candy the body of the keyboard is made to look like brushed aluminum and the area above the numpad is made of faux diamond plate and the indicator leds are hidden under a shiny black plastic. All-round the finish is good, the keyboard feels heavy and solid and it really feels like it should last all those 50 M presses of each key.

The keyboard uses the standard layout, but in addition to the regular buttons there's also the FN-key that turns the function keys into media- and profile buttons.




Tesoro Durandal & Durandal Ultimate - Stylish Gaming Keyboards

Just like some of the gaming keyboards we've reviewed earlier, also the Durandal Ultimate packs a two-port USB-hub and also through-puts for headphones and microphone.

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