Tesoro Durandal & Durandal Ultimate

Stylish Gaming Keyboards

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 04.05.2012
Updated: 07.05.2012
Manufacturer: Tesoro
Product Group: Keyboards
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Tesoro Durandal & Durandal Ultimate - Stylish Gaming Keyboards

The Durandal comes with even less bundle as there's no wrist rest or driver CD, only an USB-PS/2-adapter, a Tesoro product flyer and a short installation guide. The Durandal doesn't have the USB-hub and audio through-puts of the Ultimate, so the cable is thinner and more flexible.



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The housings of the two keyboards are identical, with the only visible differences being the lack of profile switching keys and adjustments for the backlight. The diamond plate and brushed finish are a bit of a love-or-hate-thing, but personally I like seeing manufacturers try something new on their products.


The keys


Tesoro Durandal & Durandal Ultimate - Stylish Gaming Keyboards

The Durandal always comes with the black Cherry MX-switches, which are essentially a slightly stiffer version of the red switches we've seen before. These black ones have actuation force of 60 grams, which is 15 g more than that of the reds.

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