Thermaltake Element Q

Small case for mini-ITX motherboards
Author: Aki Korhonen
Published: 05.11.2009
Manufacturer: Thermaltake
Product Group: System enclosures
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Power supply type
 Max. DC Output
220 W
Load Range
+3.3V +5V +12V +5VSB -12V -5V
12A 12A 15A 2A 0.3A /
 combined +3.3, +5V
80 W
 combined +12V
15 A / 180 W
 Input Voltage
100 V ~ 240 V (Auto Range)
 Input Frequency Range
50-60 Hz
 Operating temperature
0 ~ 50°C
1 x 20+4 -pin motherboard connector
1 x 4-pin ATX12V connector
2 x SATA connector
2 x 4-pin molex
1 x single floppy power connector
 Cooling System
Single 80mm fan
125 mm (W) x 60 mm (H) x 100 mm (D)

Thermaltake Element Q

The power supply is auto switching type so it doesn't have an extra power switch in it. The fan is 80 mm in size and has a good separate finger guard with it instead of just holes in the cover of the PSU. This way the path of the air is more free and it helps to reduce the extra noise coming from the flowing air.


Thermaltake Element Q

The power supply has a 20-pin ATX-connector with detachable 4 extra pins for 24-pin setup, 4-pin extra 12V connector, two normal molex connectors, two SATA power connectors and one small connector for a floppy drive etc.


Thermaltake Element Q

Warranty voided so you don't have to. The markings on the fan says that it's taking 0.13 A of current so the power consumption of the fan is around 1.6 W at 12 V.


Thermaltake Element Q

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