Thermaltake Element Q

Small case for mini-ITX motherboards
Author: Aki Korhonen
Published: 05.11.2009
Manufacturer: Thermaltake
Product Group: System enclosures
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The hardware used in this review is listed below. Not the fastest setup available but good enough for this purpose as we'll see how the case performs stock with only the fan in the PSU handling the air circulation. The temperatures with this setup should be about the same as with a more modern Atom powered setup.

  • Intel D201GLY2 (has a passively cooled 1.2 GHz Intel Celeron 220)
  • Extra network card in the PCI slot of the motherboard
  • Two random 3.5" harddrives for testing
  • LG GSA-4163B optical drive

Thermaltake Element Q

It doesn't take many minutes to install the motherboard as you just attach the back cover that came with your motherboard to the case, slide in the motherboard and attach it with four screws included in the case bundle. The motherboard used in the review needs a 20-pin ATX connector and the extra 12V connector. In the photo the wires for the front audio, USB ports and buttons+leds are also attached.


Thermaltake Element Q

The two installation rails are attached to the HDD with two screws (one on either side) and the package is then fastened to the case with two screws.


Thermaltake Element Q
Another HDD installed

Another drive installed in the external 3.5" bay and the installation is the same as it is in normal cases, just two screws on either side to hold the drive in place.


Thermaltake Element Q

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