Verbatim 2.5\" SSD

Internal Solid State Drive for SATA-II

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 02.01.2012
Manufacturer: Verbatim
Product Group: Storage
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PCMark 7


Verbatim 2.5\

In the "secondary storage"-subtest of PCMark7 we see similar results, with the Verbatim sitting between the HDD and the S-ATA 3 Corsairs. Looking at the speeds in specific tests in the "Starting Applications" the transfer speed for the Force GT is 51,05 MB/s, for F120 40,87 MB/s, for Verbatim 12,54 MB/s and for F3 HDD 2,60 MB/s. The results of other tests don't show quite as massive differences, but the order of the drives remains the same through the benchmark.




Verbatim 2.5\

ATTO is another test program for giving raw write- and read speeds at various block sizes. In the read-tests, up until 8 kB the Verbatim and Samsung actually lead the pack, but anything above that and the Corsairs are faster with the Verbatim topping out at respectable 285 MB/s.


Verbatim 2.5\

On the write-test the performance of the Verbatim isn't quite as impressive, but towards larger blocks it still reaches a write speed of over 267,8 MB/s, which is identical with the Corsair F120.






Verbatim 2.5\

AS SSD runs similar transfer speed tests as CDM, but unlike CDM gives a score as a result. The Verbatim SSD lags behind on both read- and write-scores and in the overall score loses by almost 50% to the Corsairs.


Access times


Verbatim 2.5\

The same benchmark also tests the read- and write access times and this time the Verbatim is fastest of the drives we've reviewed so far. This is the second victory for Verbatim and also a good reminder of how different drives and controllers can be good at different tasks.

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