Verbatim USB3.0 SuperSpeed

Stylish USB3.0 Desktop Hard Drive

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 16.01.2012
Manufacturer: Verbatim
Product Group: Storage
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USB3.0 Controller


Verbatim USB3.0 SuperSpeed - Stylish USB3.0 Desktop Hard Drive

The controller card is absolutely tiny. It uses a PCI-express 1x-slot and is barely longer than the connector. The card requires external power through a single molex-connector but comes bundled with an adapter to run from SATA-power connector. Seeing how small the card is, it would have been nice to also see a low-profile mounting bracket in the bundle.



Starting the use of the Verbatim USB3-drive is just as easy as any other external drive, just plug in the cables and you're done. By default the drive is formatted using FAT32, so in most cases it's a good idea to format it again using NTFS. Out of the box there's the USB3-driver and two programs saved on the drive: first of all there's the Nero-suite which can be used for automatic back-ups and of course burning discs, and then there's also a Green Button-program, which lets the user to choose the idle time after which the drive drops to suspended-mode.




Verbatim USB3.0 SuperSpeed - Stylish USB3.0 Desktop Hard Drive

Nero’s BackItUp is a very handy tool for managing your backups. Even BackitUp has a lot of features, it's still easy to use thanks to its clear user interface. One can for example set an automatic backup and synchronization, backup desired folders or even a whole partition.

With BackItUp ImageTool user can make a system backup disc in case the system partition and backups fail for some reason.

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