Verbatim USB3.0 SuperSpeed

Stylish USB3.0 Desktop Hard Drive

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 16.01.2012
Manufacturer: Verbatim
Product Group: Storage
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  • Processor: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T
  • Motherboard: MSI 790FX-GD70
  • Memory: Corsair TW3X4G1600C9DHXNV
  • Graphics: Sapphire HD6950 Flex 2 GB
  • Storage: Corsair Force GT 120 GB
  • Power supply: Antec High Current Pro 850 W

For performance testing we used an AMD Phenom-setup with no native USB3-support. This is the kind of system that is still very much capable of running any game or task thrown at it, but also a prime candidate for an USB3 controller card. Benchmarking software was HD Tune.

For comparison data we used the same Verbatim USB3-controller card to test the Western Digital My Book Essential 3 TB and Samsung M2 500 GB USB3-hard drives we've already reviewed before.


Verbatim USB3.0 SuperSpeed - Stylish USB3.0 Desktop Hard Drive

The hard drive inside this particular Verbatim-sample was Hitachi CinemaStar 5K1000, which is a 5400 RPM storage drive with 8 MB cache and very low power consumption. Smaller capacity drives have lower platter density than higher capacity ones, and also lower transfer speeds. This also shows in the benchmark, as the 3 TB HDD inside the WD-drive has significantly higher minimum transfer speed and also a bit faster average speed. The maximum is higher on the Verbatim, but not by much. The Samsung M2 uses a 2,5" notebook drive and lags behind by 30 MB/s on average.

The access speeds over USB are never great, but also rarely too important due to the way external drives are used. Anyway on this area the WD is again fastest with 12,7 ms average access time, and the Verbatim leaves behind by 7 ms.


  • Controller included
  • Back up-software included
  • Sleek looks

  • Not the fastest USB3-drive out there
  • Award
    Gold Award!

    This was the first time we've had a Verbatim-product for a review and it's always interesting to see how new brands stack against the other ones we've already reviewed. Verbatim does really well, the drive looks very sleek, is quiet and comes with a controller card. It is not the fastest USB3.0 drive on the market, but this is at least partially caused by the smaller capacity drive. For someoneone searching for an USB3-drive and a controller card it's a good purchase.

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