Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 10.02.2003
Manufacturer: 3Men
Product group: Cooling

3Men's WaterWheel coolers

Yes, it is a fan but nothing that we have seen inside PCs till now. It is not the high CFM rating that makes this fan unique or other regular features so read on to learn more about these innovative new products.


WaterWheel System Cooler (SD-810)



  • Dimensions: 80x80x10 mm
  • Air Flow: 19 CFM
  • Speed: 2800 rpm
  • Noise: 11.72dB
  • Voltage: 12
  • Current: 0.15A
  • Power: 1.2W (Nominal), 1.8W (Peak)


Package content

This 80x80 fan comes with a backplate that fits normal PCI backplate slots behind the PC. Also supplied are three screws, two to mount the backplate to the fan and one to attach the backplate to the case (in case you have lost the screw on the case).


WaterWheel fan with backplate mounted

As you can see the appearance of the fan is pretty much different to the regular fans. The air is sucked in from the center of the fan from where the patented WaterWheels move the air out from the side of the fan casing. What this means for PC users is that you can mount this fan between the PCI card and suck the hot air out and not just circulate it inside the case. Because the fan is only 10 mm thick it can be mounted in many places that is not accessible with a regular fan.


WaterWheel HDD Cooler (HC-850)



HDD Cooler


To take the best out of the low profile, 3Men has a product for HDD cooling. When installed beneath the HDD it will move air along the full length off the drive and thus cooling it. Hot air is then pushed out towards the front or back of the drive, depending on the mounting direction. Because the fan is so thin, it doesn't take that much space and you don't have to use regular HDD cooler with noisy 60x60 fans. Great product for every HDD but the best results can be obtained with 7200RPM and faster drives.


Power splitter

Just thought to mention this separately. In both fans there are these new kind of power splitters. Usually there is a short wire with a Molex connector on both ends. This kind of splitter takes less room and looks better.



I did some testing with the system cooler fan. This product isn't best suited to cool down big tower cases or even midi cases but there still are many good spots where you can place this. I located the fan over my GF4 Ti4400 card, pushing the hot air out that the card produced. The result was that the case temperature dropped from 31 degrees celcius to 30. While this is a right direction the CPU temperature rised one degree. Why? It seems to me that the fan pushed the hot air away from the case but at the same time it messed up the air circulation inside the case a bit. CPU wasn't getting enought cooler air for it and temperature rised.

If you have a small case, like those Mini-ITX cases this product is for you. There are also many mods that could use a small profile cooler. Too bad that I didn't have anything like this to test these products with. Tower cases aren't the best places for the system cooler but the HDD Cooler is for everyone. I hope that 3Men continues to develop these fans even further. They are already really silent but they don't move that much air. This business needs new and innovative products to evolve and these are just it.


Pros and Cons

+ Low profile
+ Silent
+ Compact power splitter
+ Innovative

- Low CFM rating


Additional information


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