WD Livewire

Powerline AV Network Kit
Model: WDBABY0000NBK
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 14.10.2010
Manufacturer: Western Digital
Product Group: Networking
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Cabling your home or office with ethernet cabling is relatively easy and cheap to do. This said, there are cases where you may not want to route new cables. Sure, these days there are plenty of wireless options to choose from but again, in some cases, this may not give the best end result.

Western Digital has now released a product based on the HomePlug AV specification - WD Livewire. The idea here is to move the data stream to flow inside the live powerlines within the walls. By utilizing the existing wiring, one eliminates the need to add any new cables and still receives all the benefits of a hard line between the machines. Let us see how well this work in practice.


WD Livewire - Powerline AV Network Kit


Package & Bundle


WD Livewire - Powerline AV Network Kit

WD Livewire - Powerline AV Network Kit

The package includes everything to get the powerline network up and running. Inside we find the two Livewire units, two power cables, a software and manual CD and a thin operating manual. It was also great to see that WD had included two ethernet cables to the bundle.

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