WD Livewire

Powerline AV Network Kit
Model: WDBABY0000NBK
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 14.10.2010
Manufacturer: Western Digital
Product Group: Networking
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WD Livewire - Powerline AV Network Kit

Both of the units are basically identical. Naturally the network part inside have different MAC addresses and so forth but from the non-technical standpoint, you get two units that have the same outlook and connectors.

In front of the adapter you have set of status leds. They are green and offer the similar functionality than with more ordinary networking hardware (switches, hubs, etc.). Four leds on the left indicate the network connection and activity per port. PLC-link indicates the connection between the Livewire units. And finally we have the power led.


WD Livewire - Powerline AV Network Kit

Other side of the adapters host the power switch and the connector for a power cable...


WD Livewire - Powerline AV Network Kit

... and the other side has the four ethernet ports. This means that you get a total of eight ethernet ports to play with. No need to have additional switch or a hub on either end as the Livewire offers enough connections for the most uses.

Sync button is there to setup the network by initializing the communication between the adapters on the same network.

So, both the power line and all the ethernet ports are located on the sides. This seems bit odd to a person used seeing all the cables at the back. I don't think that this poses any problems for most users but when stacking devices on top of each other, having some cables coming from the sides on other devices and cables coming from the back on others can make everything seem bit messy and unorganized.


WD Livewire - Powerline AV Network Kit

On the bottom are the four rubber feet to keep the unit from sliding around the table top. Reset button is also provided if the need to bring back the factory settings ever arises.

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