WD Livewire

Powerline AV Network Kit
Model: WDBABY0000NBK
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 14.10.2010
Manufacturer: Western Digital
Product Group: Networking
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From inside


WD Livewire - Powerline AV Network Kit

We just had to open up one of the adapters, this is after all.

From inside we didn't find anything that interesting. At the center of the circuit board sits the Etron Technology's "Enduring SDRAM" (EM638165TS). Rated speed is 6 ns and it offers 64 megabits of temporary data storage.

To the right and up from that sits the Realtek's RTL8306g, a single chip 6-port 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Switch Controller.



One can setup the network without a computer. You only need to press the sync buttons on both units to form a link between them. If you want more privacy and setup a private network, you need to fire up the WD Livewire Utility.


WD Livewire - Powerline AV Network Kit

The main view tells us basically everything there is need to know about the current Livewire network. What units are part of it, what the signal quality is like etc.

It also offers the tools to add more HomePlug AV compatible devices to the network and a way to update the firmware of the adapters.


WD Livewire - Powerline AV Network Kit

The Privacy tab gives the users the possibility to make their own private networks. This way you can have different HomePlug networks utilizing the same power lines but not sharing any data between them.


WD Livewire - Powerline AV Network Kit

Diagnostics tab is there to give a quick outlook of the network, what devices are connected and to what interfaces on the computer they are connecting to.

All in all the WD Livewire Utility offers easy to use tools to setup and maintain the HomePlug network.

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