Wiinja v2 - Updated ModChip for Nintendo Wii

Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 21.02.2007
Manufacturer: Wiinja
Product Group: Game console related
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It has been only days since we reviewed the v1.0 of the Wiinja - Modchip that allows one to play Nintendo Wii and GameCube backups on Nintendo Wii game console. If you want to see how to open up the Wii and install the Wiinja, I suggest you read the previous article in this series. This piece will focus on the v2 and its new features and fixes.



As this unit was also from the Cheapestmods the content was the same as it was with the v1.0 chip. All the wires you need for the installation plus the chip. Only thing indentifying that this was actually a new chip was a small text on the side of the antistatic pack stating v2. Also, I was thrilled to notice that Cheapestmods is now stocking Tri-Wing screwdrivers, so you can now order the tools needed for opening the console from them.



Wiinja v1.0 and v2 have no external differences. Perhaps the Wiinja team thought that as they are exchanging the v1.0 chips to the v2 ones without extra charge, people would not have these older chips floating around the house and getting mixed. I would have liked to see for example a drop of paint or new sticker slapped on to the new chip but perhaps we can live with this for now.

I decided to make a little video that shows how easy it is to change the chip. Usually, as Wiinja is exchanging the older chips to new ones, one would normally desolder the chip, mail it and wait for a while to get the replacement. In this case I had both so it was quite easy to move the wires from one chip to another.


I believe this is the part that you have been waiting for. Yes, the v2 removed all the DREs (Disk Read Errors) from my system. All my backups are now in full working order. Previously I had 15 coasters and only 2 working disks but now all of them work just fine. Been playing the games for hours now and have not received a single DRE. With v1.0 the backups either produced DREs once or twice a minute or the backup wouldn't run at all. Now, no problems at all.



Fixed the DRE problem
D2B support

Not upgradeable
Not region free

Before this review, people were asking if the v2 is worth the update. I hope that now there is no need to question the benefits of the new version of the Wiinja anymore. DRE fix alone was a huge improvement but D2B support is also important to many people that have recently purchased their console or have just ordered one. Now all version of the Wii console should be supported. This until Nintendo comes up with some way to counter these chips. DVD-drive controller will most likely be updated but all the current consoles in circulation will most likely be usable with these chips far into the future; possibly until the next console makes the Wii obsolete.

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